Join our referral program!

Now you can refer and earn a comission for all orders made via your reference. The referral program is only open to citizens of India over 18 years of age having no criminal history. Your signup of the referral program form is an automatic acceptance of our terms of the referral program mentioned here.

How you earn through the referral program?

When you signup for the referral program, you will get a unique code. Each time an order is booked using that code, you will earn a comission. The comission will be in terms of a fixed percentage on order value (excluding the shipping fee).

The person you refer will also have a benefit from that referral code.

The comission for you and benefit for your reference will be communicated over email once your signup is approved by HealthCult.

A commission is granted on all valid orders, successfully delivered. All cancelled/refused/returned orders do not qualify for comission payout. The payout of the comission will be done on a weekly basis post successful delivery of the order.

How you can track your sales and payouts?

A unique dashboard link will be shared with you once you are associated with our referral program. In the dashboard, at the end of each day you shall be able to see a summary of total numbers orders attributed to your code. At the end of each week, payout summary will be mentioned for comission earned on all the delivered orders.  All orders not delivered till end of week, will still reflect in pending.

Guidelines for promotion and referrals: 

You need to use pictures and product content strictly mentioned on our website ( or explicity approved by us over email Kindly do not make any claims on the product without getting it approved by HealthCult. HealthCult will not be held responsible for any unapproved claims/content made by you.  

HealthCult is not liable to pay any cost/expense borne by you for promotion. The only payment to be made by HealthCult is the comission percentage of all delivered orders on a weekly basis.